5 Components To Consider In Kitchen Remodeling Projects

Do you wish you could take on a large-scale kitchen remodeling project but find that it is too expensive or labor-intensive to be worthwhile right now? If so, it may be a good idea to find a few ways to change or update the look of the kitchen without having to invest in totally redoing the space. There are some common adjustments and changes you can make that will give it a fresh appeal without actually limiting you too much during the process.


As one of the largest components to the makeup of this space, the cabinetry needs attention in any kitchen remodeling project. If the overall condition is good, sanding them down and re-staining them a color that you like is one option. In others, you can have a professional handle re-facing them. This could save you money and help you to avoid costly removal of the actual framing.

The Countertops

The countertop in any space can get worn down, cracked and beat up easily. It takes the most abuse. Removing the existing countertop and replacing it with a new one can be simple to do and even more affordable than other types of projects.

Handle the Flooring

Another step to consider is replacing the flooring. Newer products include hardwoods that can withstand the wear and tear (and water risks) of any kitchen space. You may want to invest in tiles or laminate products as well.

Paint It

Adding a tile backsplash may be a good idea for many, but for those who want to do something less expensive, consider redoing the painting. Choose a bright color to open up the space or a dark color to ground it. You could use various painting techniques or add wallpaper or trim. You could even mix and match paint and wall coverings to create a more interesting dynamic.

Update the Hardware

The hardware, including handles and drawer pulls, are one of the simple details of this space. However, by updating them to something new, you could see a significant wow factor present in your home. Choose a style that you love. Consider metal colors that match other textures in the space, such as the color of the appliances.

By taking steps, you will greatly improve the overall look and feel of your space without the big investment. However, you may be impressed with just how affordable and simplistic these changes can be if you hire a professional to handle them for you. Kitchen remodeling is not something you have to manage on your own. Hire a professional to give you tips and guidance on what changes to make for the biggest overall impact.

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